In English: Exportstimulating Integration

New competence to Swedish businesses

The Growth Department of Uddevalla Municipality have started the project Exportstimulating Integration (in Swedish Exportfrämjande Integration), which aims at taking advantage of the newly immigrated swedish citizens knowledge and experiences, help to develop their competence and bring them toghether with swedish businesses.

Uddevalla, Strömstad, Trollhättan och Vänersborg’s municipalities are working with Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Employment office) in a project financed by the European Social Fund.

The people who arrive in Sweden today are the personnel of the businesses of tomorrow, and a resource that leads to increased growth.


What does the export promoter do?

Here are some examples of the export promoter’s tasks:

  • Manageing new customers
  • Market analysis
  • Sales support
  • Partner searching
  • Planning for fairs or exhibitions
  • Marketing material
  • Tech support and installation
  • Purchase, supplier searching
  • Logistics, toll and transport


Take you business into the world

Do you own a business in Uddevalla, Trollhättan, Vänersborg, Strömstad, Dalsland or the neighboring municipalities? You may now apply for an Export Promoter, free of charge, for 7-12 moths.

The Export Promoter is a free service! You only invest your own time for planning and tutoring.

The opportunities for export have never been greater than today. New markets appear, borders are erased and communications are more effective than ever. Exporting can give your business a new chance to expand and gain strength.

The Export Promoter is recruited following a profile created to suit the need of each company. They are highly educated men and women with experiences from sales and other cultures. During the project a development plan is created for every individual along with an objective for every company’s need.


Contact us

Project Leader
Håkan Gunnarsson Hindström
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